​​​​Personal Portfolio

My Short Biography

I graduated with a B.A. in Painting from Hope College, Holland, MI.  At the time, I struggled to find subjects to paint, often uninspired and insecure.

Many years later, after lots of travel and soul searching and a career in social work, I found my way back to painting.  As I worked to find my way to through some tough times, I discovered some of my best therapy and healing came from painting through the raw emotions I was feeling.  I lost myself in a medium that allowed me to layer texture and depth to each painting.  Encaustic painting fills my senses.  I love the feel of it, the smell and the wonderful versatility of adding and subtracting paint.  

Riding horses is another passion for me.  Painting them is my way of giving back, my attempt to share their beauty, strength, trust, partnership, fluidity with those who see it.

When I bring my work to show my students, I encourage them to touch the surface, to fall in love with how the touch ignites emotion.  My latest work combines ceramic sculpture and encaustic paint together.

Sue Cahill - Artist